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Third Startup Weekend is coming to town again! The goal of this event is to create an environment where passionate people can come together to get things done; to learn, network, bridge the gap between trades, expose potential and see actual results.


Startup Weekend has held 2000+ events in 135+ countries around the world, and we are looking forward to making a big dent in Kuwait. With the help of local supporters, we are planning to leverage our global reach to impact our local community.

This year’s event will be held from September 17 – 19 and a beautiful Al Tijaria Tower (35th floor) is confirmed as a venue. It’s open to everyone; people don’t need to pay anything for registration. They can participate as developers, designers or non-technical. What should they bring? Laptop, power cord, internet connection (just in case) and, of course, lots of creative energy and enthusiasm.

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All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. Teams organically form around the top ideas (as determined by popular vote) and then it’s a 54 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation. The weekends culminate with presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback. The whole schedule is available on the event’s website.

Register for participation and don’t forget to follow Startup Weekend Kuwait on Instagram and Twitter. Feel free to post on social media under the official hashtag #SWkuwait.




Pakistan truck art is our recognition across the world, like Japanese Dekotora, our’s is an open book with poetry and portraits. Beautifully decorated trucks and other vehicles make the roads more colorful, especially at night on highways, driving right behind a decorated truck illuminated with shining sticker and lights, makes the efforts put into decorating the gigantic art piece worth seeing. Truck drivers though call them their brides and hence, the decorations.

The truck art is globally recognized but a country marred by terror and corruption, Pakistanis waste no opportunity to bring up the real and softer image of Pakistan to project the true beauty. In the recent images shared by the American general consulate on their Facebook page, the marvelous art piece shows Toyota FJ Cruiser draped in Pakistan’s truck art. Undertaking the masculine features of the car, the décor has been done accordingly.


This is not the first time that Pakistan’s truck art and the artist made their mark through their mobile artifacts, truck artists have made their trips to the whole world transforming vehicles and much more into art pieces with the vibrant colors and interestingly funny yet deeply meaningful quotes.


Also seen on the streets of Melbourne was a tram transformed into Karachi’s famous W11 route bus and was much appreciated by the passengers as well as those watching it running on the road. Pakistan’s truck art has done much to show the lighter and much softer side of the beautiful nation to the world. Pakistan’s truck art culture is a way to show the world how this nation takes even boring and dull things and changes them into artifacts something worth seeing.



4 years long amazing sculpture

China has a long tradition of wooden sculptures. For centuries they are  transforming pieces of raw wood into works of inspiring art , but none as impressive as the sheer creation of Zheng Chunhui . This talented Chinese artist spent the last four years meticulously carving a detailed replica of a famous traditional Chinese painting […]

The Elite Concert – حفل النخبة الغنائي

حفل النخبة الغنائي ( محمد حماقي & الحدث – حفل النخبة الغنائي (نانسي عجرم المكان – فندق الجميرا-قاعة بدرية 2015 التاريخ – الجمعة 8 مايو تنظيم: باشا كويت إدارة : مجموعة إسكان جلوبل أماكن إستلام التذاكر :السالمية شارع سالم المبارك سنتر بلازا الدور الثاني (الشركة المنظمة ) & فندق الجميرا شاطئ المسيلة <<<تعليمات هامة >>> […]


WHAT IS PEAK OF KUWAIT? Peak of Kuwait is the ultimate test of endurance where athletes will challenge both body and mind by participating in a race going upwards (vertically) by means of staircase on Kuwait’s tallest skyscraper. Participants will have to climb 60 floors to cross the finishing line. THE RACE Participants (Athletes) will […]

This Racer Girl Pretends To Be A Student Driver

She is a professional race driver, but she pretends to be a student that doesn’t know how to drive at first. When she decides to show them her real skill? That is when the hilarity begins! I wonder if there would be this much of a reaction if it were a male driving. Those screams […]